Spore Gland

Implant z pasożytniczego grzyba


A spore gland charm is a fungal parasite implanted in the glands around the character’s throat. The implantation procedure causes the character 2 Permanent damage, which can never be healed. Thereafter, whenever damage taken knocks the character unconscious, the gland opens up and sprays a cloud of corrosive spores. The cloud inflicts Step 4 damage to the unconscious character, and inflicts Toughness Step damage to all other living targets within a 10-yard radius. No armor protects against this damage, although characters who have imbibed an anti-sporific potion are unaffected by the spores. Each character within range of the spores makes a Toughness Test against
the unconscious character’s Willpower Step. Success indicates the character suffers only half damage from the spores. The character’s permanently swollen glands are visible only on close inspection, and the character smells slightly musty on humid days.


Spore Gland

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