Amulet ochrony przed horrorami

Implant ze złota, srebra i esencji ziemi


Horror Fend: Charm makers construct Horror fend charms from gold and silver designed around a piece of True Earth. Two drops of the wearer’s blood travel along the gold, soak into the earth, emerge in the silver, then soak into the earth to start the pattern again. Implanting the charm causes the character 3 Blood Magic Damage. Horror fend charms offer protection against the Horrors or their constructs. For 1 Strain per round, the character adds +3 to his Physical and Spell Defense against Horrors and Horror constructs. When the character stops using it, the charm falls inert from his body. The charm may be reattached, but requires the character to heal the damage caused by the charm before recharging.


Amulet ochrony przed horrorami

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