Broń Krwi

Implant z żywego kryształu

weapon (melee)

Blood Weapon: Susceptible to Stress Depatterning. A blood weapon replaces part of the character’s anatomy with a living crystal item that enhances his unarmed damage capability. The item usually mimics the natural weapons of animals or creatures: razor-sharp teeth, claws attached to a hand or foot, a stinger (embedded in a t’skrang’s tail, for instance), or sharpened horns implanted in the character’s skull. All of these different blood weapons have the same effect. Installing or removing the blood weapon requires a trained Weaponsmith and takes eight hours to complete, during which time the character takes 3 Blood Magic Damage. For 1 Strain, the blood weapon grants the character a +4 bonus to an unarmed Damage Test.


Broń Krwi

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