Amulet ochrony przed żywiołem

Amulet ochrony przed żywiołem ziemi


This elemental fend charm is infused with True Earth, protecting the character against the powers of spirits of the same element. An elemental fend charm is made by soaking a small piece of orichalcum in a special alchemical solution. After one week, the orichalcum is removed and a kernel of one of the five True Elements is woven into it; at this point, the charm takes on the appearance of the True Element in question. Implanting the charm causes the character 3 Blood Magic Damage. For 1 Strain per round, the character adds +3 to his Physical and Spell Defense. When the character stops using it, the charm falls from his body, destroyed. The charm may be reattached, but requires the character to heal the damage the charm caused before recharging.


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Amulet ochrony przed żywiołem

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