Elf-czarodziej z pierwszej wyprawy z Kaeru na zewnątrz.


When the construction of his tower was finished, Mangalin began to build up a sizeable library by collecting writings from all over the province—the Wizard even hired scribes to copy books from the Great Library in Throal. One day, he acquired a set of books that had their origin in the fallen kaer of Hontiam. As it turned out, these writings were Horror-touched, written by a victim of the Horrors that breached Kaer Hontiam during the Scourge. The curse forced Mangalin to read all of the books, until he went mad himself and lost most of his magic—some
of it remains, but his control over it is tenuous, at best. The mad Wizard rarely leaves his tower. His face is scarred and his body fragile—the result of a powerful curse that almost ended his life and crippled him forever. Mangalin uses a staff when walking and often mumbles senseless words. The other Founders have lost hope that Mangalin will ever return to sanity, and don’t seem to care about researching the curse’s source—maybe they once did, but they no longer appear to have reason to do anything about it.



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